Beeswax for Orgonite Water Gifting

Beeswax for Orgonite Water Gifting

Beeswax for Orgonite. Hi, guys, we’re still here, hmm what it mean here ?

Well in fact we are going ahead and back from Italy and Holland, in this moment i write from Italy, but soon we’ll trasfert again, even more definitively.

Waiting that i will decide finally to prepare the article about our summer vacations in Italy, in August, when the summer was not arrived and anyone was blablablaing about summer there was not, we arrived Italy and summer arrived with us, and we had 2 very nice weeks.

But this article will be done in the next future, actually i’m here to talk with you about beeswax for orgonite water gifting, that we done in summeri in Italy and the 6 september 2014, we had opportunity to do it again in Holland, using a boat to better get orgonite where was needed.

I think i could bore you with a lot of words, that would be futiles, i prefer not take care about the percentage of text in search engines, probably this article would not be fine indexed for some obscure reason and you would not find it searching on search engine easily, even i work more possible about this.

So i just want give you images, about beeswax for orgonite water gifting, how the sky was at the begin, and what is happened then.

Maybe is time to be clear and synthetic, and not reffering to materials, of course, but about our clearness of mind.

And also is time to be less egoist, to understand the importance to gift, and support who do it.

And in both the cases is like drown in the honey, we never have a donation, of few coins to be supported to go ahead producing in fact more to gift then to sell.

Surely many would turn back their head reading this, but look at search engines, how many sites can you find promoting beeswax for orgonite ?

At countrary you can find thousand sites in all languages about plastic orgonite, and you can check who is beside those sites easily.

So, waiting a more detailed article about august in Italy, when the darks ones really did the impossible to harm us, i let you look the picture gallery of 6 september 2014, In Roermond, Netherlands, where beeswax for orgonite water gifting as been done.

Remembering you ever the other site about information

See you soon

Marco Matteucci Aka Marek Sheran