Orgonite Vegan

Orgonite Vegan – Soy wax alternative

Orgonite Vegan – Ecologic Soy Wax alternative for vegans

Orgonite Pyramid Vegan
Orgonite Pyramid Vegan

First of anything else, happy evening (here now is evening if not night), because is a pretty long time this blog is not updated with articles. In true we really don’t had much time last months, between travelling from Bologna to Horn really often, and so going ahead producing in both places, but at the same time not having so much time to follow other things, like a blog here, having also to keep back to the italian blog that was not cured from two years almost, and the international free info site where you can find the how-to-do in several languages about do orgonite beeswax (but is the same procedure using soy wax). But is not all, because still have to born the dutch site the one will have a presentation in dutch language about our work, but about shopping will anyhow send here, to the shop section NEGOZIO ORGONITE.

And so this project of a new branch of art objects, based on the ecologic soy wax and called orgonite vegan, had to wait long to born, even the idea is old three years in my mind.

But is not all because we have also to keep back to all the facebook pages, as official page of this site, born in italian but in trasformation, and the pages of the italian blog, the page of the international site, and finally my personal page as artist,

Whitout going ahead at the infinite, between google accounts and pages, linkedin, twitter, and foursquare (that nwo hackers probably violated long time ago), you can understand that the time to keep updated a blog is really not much.

And so, I repeat again, the project Orgonite Vegan remained in the closet really long time.

But why orgonite vegan project has born ? Which reasons pushed me to search an alternative to the beeswax, even work so fine and given so fine results along 5 years ? And this new branch of product will determinate the deadline of the production of art objects, orgonite sculptures in beeswax ?

I begin answer from the last question, i will surely never let to use the beeswax to do my orgonite, orgonite vegan is just a new branch, because is the better chose and actually remain so. But the action of mind control from the new world order to fight against the beeswax, revolving big part of the vegan community about that (proposing them just to return to plastic synthetic and toxic substances that nobody have to share with the vegan culture) pushed me, yet years ago, to search a solution, to can give an organic working orgonite to any vegan, without have to face a moral point about the use of beeswax.

Even i want say that is really foolish and illogical the campaign has born and goes ahead until today, against the use of beeswax. But that is the reason because today orgonite vegan is becomed real.

Orgonite Vegan - Orgonite EcosoyWax
Orgonite Vegan – Orgonite EcosoyWax

First of all, the Bayer industries (is not a secret you can read it on almost all newspapers) are killing the bees with their poisons, and so the bees farmers in fact are saving their same existence. In second point, the bees farmer where i find the product, are very gently and loving their bees, never taking more of what is too much (bees produce 3 times their need and for the queen 5 times), and maybe some vegan think that to do the beeswax is something like do the wine with the grape, but is not so, is better take right information (google is ever ready to help you) instead follow nwo trolls speech, that is so stupid and ignorant the most of time, that just reason a little bit by themselves solve the doubts they create.

I will in the next future personally visit the dutch firm giving me actually the beeswax, to see if they work in the respect of the bees. At the same time i will also report any stalking i will discover about their product.

And the same will happen for the ecological soy wax, base of the orgonite vegan, that the trolls yet defined with a long speech (that i would never read) not organic, chemical, bad and maybe also stinky. Also this new kind of stalking would be quickly reported to firms producer to can act against those stalker actions.

The product we chosen is certified ecologic soy wax, and it’s temperature of fusion is 65 degrees, so almost the same of beeswax.

Orgonite Vegan is actually just three big orgonite pyramids and two kind of hearts, even anyone is different from another, but using two different minerals and so dividing they in kinds. Orgonite vegan branch will enrich soon with other dimension orgonite pyramids, micro grenades, hand grenades, tower busters, and probably also orgonite chembusters in the next future.

We checked in Holland if work, and they has been under the sun without chemtrails for what i read and see on socials and sats, even all pyramids are now inside home, and covered.

So enjoy our orgonite vegan, we send everywhere as you must know, and actually shipping of this products is only from Holland, but we not exclude to produce also locally in Italy. Orgonite Vegan is also an idea for all the vegans that time ago thought to do orgonite beeswax and has been stopped by trolls campaign, and now they can think again to do it by themselves, of course i will no be worry if you would prefer buy it from me.

I want remember anyone me and Tjally have to pay new apartment rent and contract in Roermond, that nobody help us minimally from 5 years, and then if you want do it, there is in the side bar and in the footer bar the PAYPAL DONATE, to donate some bucks or neuros, to help keep on this big work, that is much more of information then not of selling.

Marco Matteucci aka Marek Sheran

If you want know more about the “troll debunker gatekkeper system”, that is fighting against my work from so long time, you can read this article of the italian judge Paolo Ferraro, at this link, even you would be translate it, and maybe some part would not have sense for you because refer to italian situations.

To know more.