Pyramid Orgonite Selene Mirror

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How much energy it releases one of my pyramids on average?

Spectrographic analysis of the energy emitted from one of my pyramids
Spectrographic analysis of the energy emitted from one of my pyramids

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Pyramid Orgonite Selene Mirror

Pyramid orgonite Selene Mirror, beeswax, hyalin laser quartz, shungit, selenit and metals
Pyramid orgonite Selene Mirror, beeswax, quartz amethyst, hyalin laser quartz, shungit, selenit and metals

Pyramid Orgonite Selene Mirror, is a pyramid orgonite of power and colours, shining of selenite. The Selenite is the main theme, but also the pyramid have many other minerals to consider it very complete. The top of this Pyramid Orgonite Selene Mirror is done by a 12 cm pyramids, having a big hyalin laser quartz on its top, and a worked russian shungit in its heart. Then a big piece of quartz amethyst has been located as heart of the whole pyramid. An external coating of Selenite to finish the work and shine out the energy as most of possible. Pyramid orgonite Selene Mirror is not just an art energy opera, but also a powerfull pyramid orgonite. In details you can find the characteristics of each crystal and stone used in the Pyramid Orgonite Selene Mirror. The price is a special offer, hoping will go in the right hands.



Energizes and unlocks the body’s energies . Attenuates the fever . It has a calming effect on the nervous system and promotes vigor and vitality. Recommended to aid healing in diseases of the thyroid and eyes. It strengthens the heart, lungs, lymphatic system , glands , and circulation in general. Quiet back pains and helps to reduce problems due to the intervertebral discs and herniated disc . Combined with amber , strengthens the calming effects for back pain . Effective against headaches, digestion and bowel problems and , combined with red jasper , fights excess weight .


It ‘ a stone to match the meditation. Prosecutor calm and harmony. It helps to dissolve emotional blocks . Makes more sociable , sensitive and compassionate. By stimulating the recovery of unconscious memories brings clarity and helps to solve problems in the easiest way .


It balances the mind , stimulates clarity . Leads to a deeper self-knowledge. In the version ghost stimulates the use of wisdom and helps overcome prorpie rigidity and mental limits .


Stimulates the expression of authenticity ( towards self and others ) with authority and determination. At the same time it helps to understand others and to get in touch in a more real and direct with the outside world . Sincerity and impartiality.


According to its special structure , has a surprising number of physical, chemical and bio-energy . It has a powerful ability to neutralize any type of radiation. There have been experiments with a range of bioenergy stones known for their protective properties and shungite has fully demonstrated his great ability to strengthen the energy body , stimulate the circulation of vital energy and repair the damage caused by negative radiation . Bringing a stone shungite in your pocket or wear a pendant is an excellent way to actively protect themselves during the working days in the office or while traveling : plane, train, car .

An orgonite with shungite on your desk will also protect you from electromagnetic radiation , and one bedside table , will also protect you during the night. For people always tired . For the days of understanding business. To strengthen the energy system of the sick and to activate their healing abilities . For periods of convalescence, to regain lost strength to stimulate the immune system , boost your energy body in times of epidemics (including the flu) or seasonal changes .


Reconciliation energy. It is named after Selene , the ancient goddess of the moon. It does not act on the physical plane . It helps to restore the balance after emotional stress . Protects your sensitive nature. It brings an intense light within you , encouraging mental clarity . It awakens the higher feelings by putting us in touch with the divine light ; also cleanses our bodies ‘subtle’ . It can enhance constructive engagement and make it available to amorous experiences .
It can be considered the stone of love and good fortune ; is exchanged between lovers for reconciliation. It is also scope to provide energy to the body. Put it on the 7th chakra to get a bath of light .
The variety transparent clear how all clear crystals (quartz , damburite , fluorite calcite eSelenite Peru ) expands the field of awareness , activates the 7th crown chakra by providing a direct connection to its purpose , the Spirit , and with all of the creatures ‘ universe.
It ‘ a door through which the vibration of the Higher Self can enter into our own consciousness and the physical body and let the visions come higher in the physical world .
Promotes flexibility , concentration , mental clarity, helps to make decisions , promotes emotional stability and helps to not identify with their emotions .
It ‘s very suitable for people who are easily swayed by others, because it favors the bow Individuality .
E ‘ for excellent treatments and meditation because it helps to connect with the energy centers of the highest Posta on top of the head ( crown chakra ) can help bring clarity in the confusion Post on 3 eye helps to capture the stored information , or perform astral travel ( with extreme caution ).

Selenite , owes its term from the greek ” Selenites ” literally ” Moonstone ” , named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene . Not to be confused with the moonstone , another of the most beautiful and luminous gemstones. The selenite contains a lot of feminine energy and is often used to connect and communicate with the Divine. In the past it was often used as a magic wand for easy transport their intentions to the Higher Self and the Universe .
The selenite stone is the stone of peace , gives a very high vibration , and is able to infuse mental clarity and a deep sense of inner peace , while providing flexibility to our nature and strength for our decisions. Selenite is a stone that goes well with an intense spiritual work , especially in meditation.
The stone is a powerful selenite crystal of psychic communication . May aid in communication with the past ancestors and spirit guides .
The stone of selenite also has the wonderful property of power to purify and cleanse other crystals by energy- heavy energies .
The selenite can help at the cellular level , the spine and the skeletal system. It ‘ used to improve skin tone and the body’s ability to absorb calcium .
Ancient popular beliefs , but are on the whole planet , have emphasized the use of selenite also to increase libido .



And ‘ particularly effective in alleviating pain and tension , particularly headaches , wounds, swellings. It improves the physical condition in general. It tones and protects the glands , hormones, and boosts your metabolism. Help for seizures and epilepsy in fighting diabetes. Has a positive effect against low voltage , anemia, and blood diseases . Helps regulate the intestinal flora and the absorption of liquids .


Gives consolation , strength, joy and courage. Ideal for overcoming states of sadness ( especially losses ) . Protects from insomnia , from worries, and nightmares . Favors the emergence of the messages conveyed by dreams ( you put amethyst under your pillow ). Enhances intuition and inspiration. It allows you to relax better under stress. Helps strengthen the will and protects the spiritual relationships . Ease friendship and inspires justice. It gives peace of mind to children when they are angry . Effective against the fears related to dizziness or eye disorders and coordination.


Stimolation awareness, presence , sobriety , concentration, mental clarity . It ‘ a great stone as an aid to meditation. Giving more effectiveness to the thoughts , helps to overcome obsessions. Help in crisis epilepsy , hysteria, anxiety neurosis , and abnormal mental reactions .


Stimulates psychic sensitivity (3rd eye) , intuition , awareness of the spiritual dimension , it helps to understand the links between things, the non-randomness , the reality of the soul and its evolutionary path.

As you could read, the Pyramid Orgonite Selene Mirror is a really power instrument for healers, but also for anyone want heal by its own way.

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My orgoniti are produced according to different principles than those based on the scientific work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, there are also those related to holistic and scientific disciplines still not officially recognized. First of all aromatherapy. The use of beeswax that is of essential oils makes my orgoniti estremanente scented, especially when used for meditation and when washed with cold water and soap. Secondly chromotherapy. My orgoniti are issues both as stones like aromas as colors. This refers to orgoniti in all categories except the pyramids. The pyramids have a variety of different shades and tones of colors, thus giving you the choice of colors more suited to your needs and affinities auric colors. Thirdly, the use of radionics, for both forms that also tracked indoors. And of course with the use of intention Crowned orgoniti of creation itself. Even infuse your auric energy footprint is important, but obviously not as easy as writing it. The chanting of the mantra OM and during cooling to infuse my orgoniti also a vibrational imprint.

Pyramid Orgonite Selene Mirror, won an award in FINE ART CONTEST, as OUTSTANDING ART WORK.

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