Orgonite pyramid 9 cm twins

Orgonite pyramid 9 cm twins

Piramidi orgonite con cera d'api, quarzo laser ialino monoterminale e altra pietra centrale
Piramidi orgonite con cera d’api, quarzo laser ialino monoterminale e altra pietra centrale

Orgonite pyramid 9 cm twins – All the couples of pyramid orgonite 9 cm. Anyone have its hyalin laser quartz, often also chips of mixed minerals and crystals, any couple is unique. The best chose for a couple or if you have two babies. As all my work is ever handmade art and never using plastic materials as almost anyone else promoting orgonite do.

No products of industrial laboratories, but art objects done one by one, and ever different, unique items.

look at the video of orgonite pyramid 9 cm twins yet gone away in the time.

My orgonite are produced according to different principles, more than those based on the scientific work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. There are also those related to holistic and scientific disciplines still not officially recognized. First of all aromatherapy. The use of beeswax that is done of essential oils makes my orgonite very scented, especially when used for meditation and when washed with cold water and soap. Secondly chromotherapy. My orgonite have characteristics as stones, aromas and colors. This refers to orgonite in all categories except the pyramids that are all unique. The pyramids have a variety of different shades and tones of colors, thus giving you the choice of colors more suited to your needs and affinities auric colors. Thirdly, the use of radionics, for both forms that also internal disposition of minerals and metals. And of course with the use of intention during the phase of creation. Even infuse your auric energy footprint is important, but obviously isn’t easy as writing it. The chanting of the mantra OM and during creation is also used to infuse my orgonite also a vibrational imprinting.

Actually we don’t have still many couples available, because we preferred create couples of veganite pyramids 9 cm, with soy wax instead beeswax, in the attempt to calm down all the war done by the fake vegans to my work with beeswax. Many of you could not believe there are persons so dummy to listen them, but are much more of what you can think.

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