Giza Pyramids Beeswax Orgonite Set

Giza Pyramids Beeswax Orgonite Set

Quartz Cave - Giza pyramids orgonite set beeswax
Quartz Cave – Giza pyramids orgonite set beeswax

Giza Pyramids Beeswax Orgonite set, is a set of three pyramids orgonite, done in beeswax, with laser quartz and black tourmaline, metals and other materials, never plastic ones.
For long i thought was time to create unique items pyramid sets, to satisfy who want have a little scale of Giza plan pyramids, and same time want they are really working orgonite, not plastic objects done in firms laboratories, with no artistic value nor energetic.Probably in the future i will do others, of those sets, using different minerals and crystals, as inside generator and outside effects.
Those Orgonite Set began with four different sets, between the ones you can chose which you feel more close to you.Then I decided to go ahead producing those sets, and you have now more chose between those unique items.
The pyramids are Giza scale, you can have your little Giza at home, and same time a beauty and unique artwork signed by me.

Art Energy by Marco Matteucci aka Marek Sheran

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